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March 2014



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Apr. 12th, 2020


Well hello there!

I always forget about this thing, or when I actualy try to post something my internet goes all wonky and won't let me post.

Life is alrightish. I'm barely on because we're working really hard to save money so we can a- buy a house and b-have a baby. So I tend to be too tired to post by the time I get home.

If you're reading this because you're considering being my friend here is some facts about me.

I'm kind of a bitch. I know people say that all the time, but it is true. I criticize people about EVERYTHING and most of the time don't even realize I'm doing it.

I currently ship the following couples:

River/Jayne (Rayne)

Alice (Syfy):

That 70's Show:

Doctor Who/Torchwood:
10th Doctor/Rose
Donna/Captain Jack

Currently am on an Urban Fantasy kick for books. So I'm OBSESSED with Patricia Brigg's Mercedes Thompson series.

I love finding new music. And while I may not appreciate every genre I am open to trying it out.

And that's all I have for now.

Mar. 30th, 2014


Yay Depression is great!

Oh wait, it's not. And I've spent the past two years trying to keep my shit under control. And now I'm finally finding a sense of balance.

Anxiety has been brought down thanks to a fantastic husband and some good friends. My attempt to get fit and lose weight were thrown off track by a miscarriage and my beloved puggle, Lupo, being diagnosed with cancer a month later- then losing that battle nearly 5 months after that. Due to his medication I had to put off any attempts at pregnancy for several months after his death.

I've wanted to be a mom my entire life and having to deal with that loss just about killed me inside.

But I'm dealing- I'm alive. Restarted my fitness goals and I've even found a new dog to adopt and bring into my heart.

So I'll be okay

Mar. 9th, 2012


(no subject)

I always forget about posting to this. Probably because most of my friends are Tweeting or on Tumblr. But im still here commenting in communities if i can. lifes just busy and I'm forgetful.

Jan. 7th, 2011


Long time no post

I'm still around I swear. Just had a helluva past few months and have gone to so many funerals. Haven't had as much time for this as I'd like.

I looked at the date and time and realized that in 25 hours it will officially nine years that my mother has been gone and all I could say was, "Shit." I don't feel like posting a long thing about how I feel. But at least you know where I've been. I'm going to go wash my hair for tomorrow. Got a date with my stylist that is long over due.

Jul. 18th, 2010



AMC made a deal with Uverse so Mad Men will be available for this plucky chick! So at least I have that going for me. Gym routine still going, though I missed a day because I caught a head cold from my niece and nephew. Started taking a Belly Dancing course- very excited about that.

And I know these are lame, but to keep me motivated



This is my ultimate goal. But my short term goal is to love 20-25lbs by Halloween.

It's hard work, but you can definately see the difference. I put on a bridesmaid dress I wore in March and it's about two sizes too large.

Go me!!

Jun. 9th, 2010



HAWKS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They haven't won the cup since 1961!

The only downside is having to hear The Fratelli's song "Chelsea Dagger" for the next three months on the radio all day long.

May. 22nd, 2010

green Jayne


I have a new ship, an it's Annie/Jeff from Community. It makes me giddy.

My birthday is tomorrow and all I want is to not have to drive anyone (except my husband) anywhere.

I had a wonderful time spending a redonk amount of money at a jewelry party. But I don't care.

Gym status update:

I've lost over 20 lbs and am about 35-40lbs away from my goal. Which I'm hoping to reach in about 5 months. I bought 3 training sessions for my birthday. I'm hoping to be a size 8ish by then. I'm really excited about being skinny again!

Now off I go to sleep.

May. 18th, 2010

River point

My dog is a browncoat

My husband I were watching Big Bang Theory and they referenced Firefly. A few minutes later my dog, Lupo, came running in with his t-shirt that says, "I Aim To Misbehave" and he made me put it on him. Then he snuggled in for the rest of the episode.

Our other dog is names Zoey. Perhaps we should have named him Mal!

My Dog, Lupo, is a browncoat.


May. 10th, 2010


Puppy Love




Apr. 21st, 2010


(no subject)

After two years of marriage I realized something terrible.

I was fat.

I gained about 45lbs over two and a half years. I was always skinny, but somehow I'd let myself become overweight. So in January I started hitting the gym with a goal weight loss of 50-55lbs by September.

I've been going to the gym 4-5 days a week for two hours per day. I start of with stretching and some core work. Then I lift some wieghts followed by some ab work. That takes up anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes.  Once that's done with I head over to do some cardio. I do about 15-20 minutes on the treadmill at a brisk walk on a high incline (do to several injuries to my right ankle during my teen years). And after that I jump on an elliptical for 20 minutes.

That's my workout regime.

My diet has been changed to cut out unhealthy snack and to have smaller portions along with trying to eat breakfast. I'm doing this without the aid of anything other than good ol fashioned moxy and guts (and a hint of some b-12s). It's been a slow path, but I'm glad that I"m doing it properly rather than rushing it or using something that could potentially harm my body.

After 3 1/2 months I've lost nearly 20 lbs and have toned up considerably. Yesterday I was happy to see that I lift more on the machines then a 18ish guy could who looked much thinner than I.

Expect progess updates when I'm not feeling defeated.


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